Sunday, November 11, 2012


Ey Swayel!

Are you wondering why we not on air yet?

It's because we are still fundraising for equipment! To date we have raised approximately $1900 Canadian.

So far, we have ordered and already received our soundboard. Tomorrow, we are picking up our transmitter. We still need to order mics, mic stands, a CD player, and we are in the market for donated computers. We probably need two computers: one for live broadcasting, and one for the pre-recording studio.

We are also still looking for a suitable and permanent location in Cheam to air from.

We are still accepting donations via our paypal account online, and we would like to hear from anyone who has radio training or expertise and can help out with set up.

Later on this week we will be posting profiles of some of our on air personalities (who are also Cheam community members), as well as different highlights from when we were on air (the weekend of September 1-2).

All Our Relations,
Pilalt FM
Unceded Pilalt Territory

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