Monday, September 3, 2012

Thank You for Listening

Ey Swayel to all our listeners and to those of you who are visiting this site for the first time!

If you are tuning in to 91.1 FM in Cheam or came here to live stream us, but can't, it is because we are now off air. Today we return the radio station equipment that we borrowed from Secwepemc FM to its home in Neskonlith First Nation.

But this doesn't mean we are gone, in fact it means quite the opposite! We are now fundraising to purchase our own equipment so that we may occupy our airwaves once again, using all of the feedback that we've gained from this past weekend in order to produce quality programming by the people, for the people.

We will also continue to produce and record programs in the community that will be used once we go on back on air with our own station equipment. 

We will be posting our progress on this website, our twitter (@PilaltFM), and facebook (search: Pilalt FM). We have documented, videotaped, and recorded all of our progress extensively, and we will be posting highlights from the weekend on this website, as well as the programs we will producing in the studio in the mean time.

It has been an incredible weekend for us as a team, community, and for our listeners local and worldwide.

We are accepting all donations, big or small. We received over 800 visitors this past weekend- can you imagine if all of those visitors donated just $2? We'd have enough for a quality studio! So far we have raised $514 from online donations and cash donations from different community members. Wow!

To donate online via PayPal click on this donate button below, or click on donate on the top of this webpage.

We are also selling 50/50 tickets in the community, that will be drawn every Sunday. Tickets are $2 each or 3 for $5. You can buy tickets from any of your hosts you heard on air this past weekend. The first draw will be Sunday, September 9th.

We are accepting any and all support, even our community members who have drove by honking and waving with the radio on was enough to keep us going with happy hearts and powerful voices.

Stay tuned for more,
And let's keep the conversation going...

What were your favorite highlights from this past weekend?

All Our Relations,
Pilalt FM in Cheam First Nation.

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